Faith D. Cox

Screenwriter – Author

Faith D. Cox began a love of writing with a fourth grade writing assignment. As an adult, she became a published poet and ventured into the writing of children’s and middle grade books. Her next writing adventure took her into screenwriting in which she currently has one screenplay in post-production, two others scripts in shopping agreements, and a running list of short and feature screenplays looking for their homes. In between screenplays, Faith has recently written a women’s fictional short story that was accepted into an anthology with a February 14, 2023, release date.

Faith writes original, heartfelt, family-friendly books and screenplays that bring laughter and tears to encourage, inspire, and entertain.

Faith is a 29-time award-winning screenwriter, and she has scripts that have been nominated for “Best Role for a Leading Woman,” “Best Ensemble Cast,” and “Humanitarian” awards.



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